• Dr. Deidre D.

Find Joy & Acceptance with Your Fitness

Having joy with your workout can help you feel comfortable with your fitness goals. Honor where you are currently and give yourself the freedom to make small changes consistently over time. Accept that you are in a great place to get started with or continue on a wonderful journey of growth.

Joy & Acceptance #1:

Just relax. Take a deep breath and SMILE. When we smile, we find joy in the smallest of things. We can easily work on ourselves when we are in a good state of mind. Stay calm and work your fitness plans. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Making a change to your fitness plan(s) takes time. Give yourself enough grace to do one thing consistently on a daily basis to get better with your healthy lifestyle.

Joy & Acceptance #2:

Ditch the myths. Connect with a fitness educator to help you navigate the murky waters to develop robust fitness plans that meet YOUR needs. There is no "one size fits all" training or nutrition plan that works best. Everybody has a different body and different needs. Get the guidance needed to help move you on your journey safely. Use science and best practices. After all, your body is a masterful science experiment! All you need is a "mad scientist" (well maybe not a 'mad scientist,' but someone who listens and understands what to do) to help you along the way.

Joy & Acceptance #3:

Bridge the Gap. Daily movement can help bridge the gap between your mental and emotional health. Eating robust meals full of nutrient dense, whole foods that are minimally processed helps bridge the gap. Your mind and body will feel amazing with just a few tweaks. With food choices, fresh is best and colorful plates are tasty. Feel good about finding joy and acceptance when making shifts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Find joy and acceptance with your fitness by doing the small things consistently over time. Feel good about doing something different. Find creative solutions to your training and eating plans. Put yourself in a position to be one step closer to where you would like to be. Cheers!

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