• Dr. Deidre D.

Good Sleep for Good Health

Sleep to lose fat and gain muscle?Yes! It’s true. Sleep affects our overall health including our hormones. With busy lives, it is easy to fall into the partial sleep deprivation category. Let's be real. We have a lot to do and so little time to do it. But are we doing more harm than good when sleeping less? You bet we are. The levels of hormones that regulate appetite are influenced by the amount of sleep per night. Since hormones and sleep go hand in hand, it’s no wonder that sometimes weight and girth changes are hard to come by.

Partial sleep deprivation is associated with reductions in leptin levels (the appetite suppressant) and elevations in ghrelin (the appetite stimulant). With increased hunger and appetite, especially an appetite for foods with higher carbohydrate contents, it’s no wonder that pasta and bread cravings kick in so hard. How do we change that? Aim to sleep 6-8 hours per night. Chart your sleep patterns by using a sleep app using Polar or Apple devices. Look for ways to make sleep work for you to help lose weight and gain muscle.

DISCLAIMER: Other factors also influence fat loss and muscle gain, like exercise habits and healthy eating choices. If you need more assistance, contact us.

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