• Dr. Deidre D.

Meet my New Spring Fling, PA!

The arrival of Spring is a miraculous event. Tis the season for blossoming not only for flora but for us as humans. What is so magical and exciting about a Spring Fling? Could it be that we are rekindling love? Of course it is! A spring fling signals the new beginnings of life and love. Take a chance on loving your life with your your new beau or belle, physical activity. After all, the more we move, the better we feel.

Now is the time to rekindle the spark that is within you. Delve into an internal shift that feels much like puppy love. How do we do this? We tap into the euphoria of trying something new. Then we find ways to make it stick. Explore these concepts to embrace all the love of springing into action with physical activity.

  1. Use pheromones to your advantage and apply the desire that you feel to excel with your "new found love" of engaging in physical activity. Smile each time to begin your routine and as often as you like while having fun. All you need is 30 minutes. Don't rush the process. Take it slow. Go steady with yourself and physical activity.

  2. Choose the mode of physical activity that YOU enjoy. Much like connecting with a new love, choose the right partner to grow and share good times with. We are unique in our preferences for engaging in physical activity. Find physical activities that fit your lifestyle and time frame. If you happen to find someone or a group of people who enjoy the same activities, GREAT. Otherwise, do you, boo!

  3. Set dates to stay active and don't cancel unless there is an emergency.

  4. Understand your "WHY" with your new found "spring fling" feeling. Reflect on the reason that led you to feel this way about connecting with physical activity. Use that energy to keep you consistent. Chart your progress along the way. When you unpack "why," it is easier to keep that lovey-dovey feeling consistent on a daily basis.

The main point behind a "spring fling" is to fall in love with YOU and physical activity. Spring Fling love starts within and spreads like wildflowers. Let your love for physical activity shine so that the world knows you two are connected for a lifetime!

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